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The show was based on a show in the United Kingdom called Celebrity Skating. The show is about the world class professional women, or men, that compete against each other to appear cool while taking part in the show. The contestants were selected from around the world by a panel of film critics and judges while appearing on a show where they perform skits and then talk about who they will face in a skate competition. Each skater had a theme and in this episode, each of the skaters were playing a part in an American TV show called Skate With Celebrities. It was a celebrity reality competition show that aired on Fox In the episode, the skaters took part in a skate competition and then interviewed on the program. The episode ends with the skaters being given their awards by one of the judges and then they all leave to go home. Ive never watched this episode of the show but I have a feeling Im going to be very surprised by what the skaters are saying since it was a show that aired on American TV, it must be real if the skaters are saying they were just doing an episode of this show. You dont watch itWhy the hell are you going to be doing an episode of a show that aired on American television. Ill bet the characters are going to be speaking in an accent. The characters cant be in real life but there has to be an American accent involved. The characters may look like actors but their voices sound nothing like them. Why arent you watching if youre so convinced. Why is it that you can be convinced that somethings not right yet when it comes to skating. If the characters are speaking in an American accent why arent they yelling and shouting it out. Why arent they saying Hey, Im from the States. You watch it and listen and listenHey, Im from the USA. Im just doing this TV show for fun. You wont believe this but the show is about skaters who are actually celebrities. You go on with your life, ignoring what these three people are saying about you. It doesnt even matter that its all a lie and youre probably never going to do the skates at all in this life.

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