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You can probably guess that there is a long list of other celebrities that fit in this category, including some celebrities that arent even famous. However, while you may or may not be a fan of some of the things on the list, you dont necessarily like yourself, but a lot of people do. The last thing that you notice on the list is an image of a little blonde girl that is dressed in a pink dress and a tiara. This is going to hurt like hell, but its also going to feel so good. You ignore the list of celebrities and just do it. You turn the television on, you do a little research on how to do it properly, and you figure itll be over in a couple hours. You really dont want to go to sleep thinking that youll never be able to be more than a size six, so you decide to at least put up some kind of barrier between yourself and your bed so that youre not tempted. The television shows a movie about an actress that is a size eight, which you think looks ridiculous. This isnt going to work, but you can do something about this. You take a deep breath and put your hand on your stomach. This will hurt a lot, but youre going to feel better if you practice doing this a lot. A couple of times you try it and get the feeling that the pain is getting better. Youre very tired, so you go back to where you were before and repeat the whole thing. By the time youre done youre not sure if youre going to be able to stand again. You can feel that this will hurt more than the last time you had sex, but you dont care, you just want to be normal. You go back and forth for several hours and realize youve done a lot of damage. You say to yourself, but you force yourself to keep going, even though youre starting to feel exhausted. The next morning, you see that your barrier has fallen, and you can only see the darkness in front of you. You dont know how long it will be before you reach a sleep state, but you have to decide if you can get through to the barrier. You try several times to push your way through and start walking into the darkness, but you cant move through it. There is only darkness, nothingness, and then you get the sense of falling. You can hear voices, but you cant understand them.

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