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The twins are just as popular as their famous sibling, only they have a less publicized sibling too. The two twin sisters Bella and Gigi Hilton are actually the same twins, they just present themselves in different ways. S personality is all sunny, positive energy. S probably the more bubbly of the two twins, though she is also very protective of Bella and Bella seems to be more reserved. S younger life before her own. S a little too serious for her younger sister in many ways so Gigi does most of the parenting on a day to day basis. This pair of twins have been celebrities for quite some time, probably since their father was in love with each one of them. In fact their dad met the girls in a music video in which one of the twins was in a bikini. Their dad was obviously infatuated with the two of them so much, that he took out a restraining order against Bella and Gigi to prevent them from seeing each other. T exactly stop Bella and Gigi from hooking up with each other, though it did stop Gigi from wanting to hook up with any of the other boys that came to visit Bella in the hospital. The pair of twins have done several movies together as well. Where they got married in one of their videos. Bella was the better actress and Gigi the better singer in the two videos that the twins did together. They also did a couple videos together with a couple of other celebrities. Ve probably made more money from singing their songs than they have from their actual career, Though their dad still sends them checks every now and then they both still view singing and acting in music videos as a more fulfilling job.

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