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You see a girl there, who is smiling at you, but you know thats not the girl. She looks older than you, her face is more defined, she has a more mature face and a more mature body. You know, by the way she speaks, that shes a woman. But as a woman, she has no sexual desire towards you whatsoever, even though she looks like the perfect woman. You dont know why shes doing this. Hey, I knew I should have married a man who was like this, a man who could treat me with such love and tenderness. I would have loved to have a husband like him, a man who loved me. Im sorry that you had a bad dream. But it just seemed ironic that two lovers of God would try to make a match with the same flesh and blood as their God. Im going to live a life of self-denial and obedience to my Master. A life dedicated to God and a life dedicated to him alone. Maybe Ill even meet a man and marry him and live a life of pleasure and a life without responsibilities.

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single male celebrities over 40