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Single life and are on their latest movie of the week here. Angelina: Angelina Jolie is famous for her roles in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Jennifer Lawrence: In between doing her own movies, Jennifer Lawrence is also attached to several films with the likes of Johnny Depp, Samuel L. Nicole Kidman: Nicole Kidman is famous for her acting in Into the Wild and for her leading roles in Im With You and The Hours. Sandra Bullock: Sandra Bullock was famous for her roles in Contact, Gladiator and Up In The Air. Julia Roberts: Julia Roberts is famous for her roles in The Piano and Annie Hall. Julia Stiles: Julia Stiles has already starred in Good Will Hunting which she is attached to in a lead role. After that, she is likely to star in the upcoming movie My Best Friends Wedding which starring her and James Franco. Kirsten Dunst: Kirsten Dunst has already starred in High Fidelity and will be starring in In the Bedroom. Michelle Rodriguez: Michelle Rodriguez is famous for her roles in Sin City and Tropic Thunder. Scarlett Johansson: Scarlett Johansson is famous for her roles in Lucy and Alias. Do you think they dont deserve to be there. Let us know in the discussion section below. Also Read: The Best Celebrities Instagram Accounts on InstagramI am still trying to wrap my mind around this whole story. I wish I had more information, but I really dont know anything about it. I am trying to make sense of it, but it is very hard. My parents have always been very religious and the fact that my father is a doctor and my mother works for a drug and alcohol treatment center is what most people have mentioned as the reason why my parents separated. I am pretty sure my father was in the KKK as he has always talked about how the Knights of the Ku-Klux were something else. He is going to have to explain that to my parents at some point. The first time I saw the video of a man being dragged off a United Airlines flight, the horror and frustration were.

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single female celebrities 2016