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Article about Celebrities who have committed suicide

B,Ive got that one right, he says. I tell you this because Ive run across it so many times in my research. We start looking at photos of these celebrities. We find pictures of each one dying by suicide in a very similar way: in a bathtub or a bathtub liner, of the bathtub, or in a pool of water. The first four on this list share a common facial structure. A tall, thin, and very thin, and also very pale. Their eyes are very wide and their eyebrows high. Next to some of them is a man in his mid-twenties with a very round face. It also looks like hes missing a tooth. Next to some of them is a very, very tall woman. The legs are very long and thin, but still not skinny. And finally, the most striking one yet, is a young woman with long, very dark strawberry-blond hair and dark brown eyes, which seem more sunken in than the others. After looking at these photos I say, So this isnt a coincidence. The more you look at these pictures, the more the similarities stand out to me. Its not just one-of-the-same; its really the same girl. And so I do what most people would do, I ask for the name of this person. I cant even tell you, he says. We dont want other people to worry us. And then, I ask why, if he doesnt know her, she would want to kill herself. But I have an answer for you, if youll give me the chance. I found some interesting information on suicide on the Internet, he says. It says that, most of the time, the reason why people kill themselves is because they cant handle things anymore. They find themselves at the crossroads of life and death, between happiness and unhappiness. I mean, the last time you spoke to me, I hadnt found out about the Internet yet. I just knew you as that nice guy who lived on that street. You were my only friendship, so I got scared and told my mom I was going to live.

Information about Celebrities who have committed suicide

celebrities who have committed suicide