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Welcome to another edition of California Features on Lava Records. This week, Im chatting with one of my favorite musicians, singer-songwriter Katy Perry, about her music, her movie Teenage Dream, her relationship with her father, her competition with her brother, her singing career, her music videos and the worst thing she ever saw for a concert. Lavazza delivers natural health products made with only 100 natural ingredients. Theyve got formulas to help with digestive disorders, boost natural energy, and much more. ComMUSIC and use the code MUSIC10 to save 10 or enter the code MUSIC for a free month of premium items. HelloFresh is the easiest, easiest way to get your groceries. 30 off your first month of service, go to hellofresh. Free View in iTunes2 Clean 310 – Joe Warren You cant get in here The Comedian You have a very good brain. Joe Warren You are not good at this game, and you will never be successful at it, unless you actually change who you are, because you dont have what it takes to be successful at this game. The people who want to make it will survive, and the people who dont, wont. -Joe Warren A lot of people, they want to be somebody because they were raised in a certain manner or they grew up with certain upbringing. I mean you have to be comfortable in your own skin and you have to have your own moral compass in life. Theres a difference between being a comedian, being a performer, being an entertainer and being a comedian. I think theres a big difference between being a good comedian and being a great comedian. I have to admit, I dont know much about the craft of acting. I mean Im only played by people that are really good at what they do. I dont know much about it and I dont want to learn, I think for me the biggest passion would be music. I mean I think thats where Ive always been happiest, but its not even like Im doing that now. Im doing it in my mind and I think Im doing a heck of a job of it too. Check out Joes latest album, Hollywood Boulevard at JoeWarren.

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celebrities born in california