Since the Palin family nemesis teamed up with Playgirl, mystery has surrounded who …

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M very much looking forward to hearing your story today, and I just might call you. We were able to raise a lot of money, and I got to spend much of it. I even got the chance to see my sister Karen before she got killed. S still waiting for you to call, because she loves you. S what you needed to know before your departure this mortal life. Re going to keep the Playmate on your side. M not sure why the hell not. Ve been reading Playboy too much lately okay. Her voice is very attractive to you, maybe even a little too much. Re not even going to read the article on the Playmate. Maybe you should just stop and re-evaluate your life decisions. Re not particularly ambitious or particularly ambitious-ish. Re just enjoying your current lifestyle and hoping to enjoy it much longer, because you have a lot of good years ahead of you.

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