Since the 1930, celebrities have called Toluca Lake home…

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The neighborhood of that once bustling suburbia is now a ghostly place. You head to the Hollywood areaAfter your trip to Toluca Lake, you head to the Hollywood area of Los Angeles through the tunnels. You are glad that you didnt really expect to find any excitement in the tunnels. During your trip to the Hollywood area, you discover a large building in the hills with a few holes in it and an old security camera. You think the hole in the building is a movie set and that the camera is a security camera. You also think that, if you can make it to the other side of the building, you can access and find the entrance to Toluca Lake and the entrance to the underground passage where you can find the key to access the gate at the top of the hill. Just as you are about to leave your car, it seems as if you are being watched. It is not sure, but maybe someone is following you on a bicycle or on foot. You feel a strong need to get out of this tunnel and head to the Hollywood Hills. It seems that you are going slowly, but you are just too anxious to get to the Hollywood Hills. It is going to be the final time you go down the tunnel. As you cross the gate, you notice that the gate is a lot bigger and stronger than the ones you had seen when you were down in the tunnels. You are going to have to fight off the guards if you plan to get to the Hollywood Hills. There is a guard standing just beside the gates entrance. As if he were waiting for you to come out with your whole story. You get the gate openYou get up and run over to the gate. The guard is a little reluctant to let you in, but eventually he lets you in. And inside you see that the gate is very high.

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