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In which cases, those with one star are the lesser-known Sims. You take the starI dont want to win you say and then realize that you wont if you continue to act like a snob. You dont need a star, or a star for that matter, to know that youre a real superstar. The only problem is, youre a bit busy right now, so you decide you should head out and win some more prizes. While the rest of your Sims are enjoying the party, you head out to a local museum where you find a bunch of statues all with the same expression on them. You make a mental note to name them Ginger for all the families who might have a cousin or friend with a ginger obsession and take a few of them home. The more you think about it, the more you start to realize that there MUST be a way to get even BIGGER and you think about who on the team might be at a disadvantage with the bigger bodies. So you get to work and you start to think about the muscles, the bones, the blood and the organs. You think about the genes and how they might affect you, but it all seems very boring and you dont have the time for it. Something a bit more like a reality TV show. You get out your notebook and start to fill it with ideas of what YOU would do if you were an athlete. You decide to start out by thinking about what each one of your Sims needs for their body. Some need more speed and power, others endurance, some agility and some just need a little everything. You begin to work on your own Sim and quickly realize that you cant believe the effort that goes into your own body. How long would it take you just to learn the basics. This is why you need someone else to help you. The writers of this magazine can, but theyre not around anymore and since this is a real magazine, they have all these rules about not giving any help to other people on the magazine. You search through the magazines and you dont find anyone. It looks like youre going to have to make a new team member. A few days pass and you hear a knock on the door to your room. You open the door and reveal a little gray alien who looks like a cross between a bug and a mole that lives in your room.

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