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Awww, so not only can we not afford to be shorter than Tom Cruise or Dave Chappelle, but well be in the minority when it comes to fame, right. You want to be taller than Tom Cruise. Sure, you could be short and Tom Cruise or Dave Chappelle shorter. But why settle for being average here. As for being average yourself, there are far bigger fish to fry than any short person could ever dream up. Youre not even as tall as Tom Cruise and youre already a short person. How are you ever going to have a shot at making the jump to the bigger leagues. Youre not even as tall as John Cusack and youre already a short person. Now theres someone whos too short to be a movie star and hes too short to be a movie star. If theres anything that proves that Hollywood is all about the money, its that it has become so homogenous that now it only accepts short people for the roles they can do. You may have the height, but your talent and skills have been wasted on a system that makes everyone feel insecure about their height. Hollywood itself has been accused of not even writing enough roles for short people. You have skills that are more than welcome at any point in your career, but when you try to use them, you get the cold shoulder. At least the people who come to your shows know you for who you are. And the people that spend money on your CDs know you too. Are you just going to stay home and be a recluse when you could be rocking out. No, you dont need to go home. If anything, you have every right to stay home and be depressed. If anything, you should get even more depressed because thats how you should be living. You need to do something about your situation. You need to get your music out there. And thats why you have to make something happen and fast. So you decide you have to go out there and start an all-new career. You have to start all over because you simply cannot be in the spotlight like you have been.

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