Shirtless MLB Fan Eats Flurry Of Punches In Wild Brawl At White Sox Game

A shirtless MLB fan’s face got demolished by several men in a wild brawl at the White Sox game Tuesday night … and the insane fracas was all caught on video.

The melee went down at some point during the Sox’s tilt with the Twins at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago … when men let their fists fly in the stadium’s left-field bleachers.

You can see in the footage … the fight was violent — with haymakers being thrown, and landed, repeatedly.

The man without a shirt took most of the damage … eating flurries of punches from multiple people involved in the skirmish.

To the guy’s credit, though, he had quite the chin … ’cause he took everyone’s best shot — and still wanted more.

It seems at some point cooler heads prevailed … ’cause when we reached out to cops over the incident, they told us no arrests were made.

As for the game, the Sox used a big 8th inning to railroad Minnesota, 9-5.

Now can everyone just behave?

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