She also made it as one of the top 4 Dan Actresses …

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The Thebes 100 lists all celebrities and actresses in terms of their influence in China. Ll,Bre the same You wonder if- YouYour thoughts about You.

Her appearance as someone of high ranking civilization will be seen by you. You have the impression that the woman is someone from your school. You do not feel nervous at all. So, do you live in the same town. I just want to go to your house and have some fun with you. I live in the same neighborhood as my father as well as my two brothers and our father, who is the head of the whole family. My brother is also a police officer, my younger sister is a housewife and my father teaches the familys children their work. Well, Im here to go to your fathers house. You can go to my brothers house, if you like. You turn to leave, but you notice someone is holding a small backpack on their arm. You see a pair of hands with long fingers, which are white as snow. The person who holds the backpack looks like a little girl, but her clothing is the same as that of a middle-aged woman. The woman on the other side of you holds the door open for you. Im sorry, but the manager of this house only lets the rich come in. Well, Ill look for a different apartment afterwards. You look back at the woman before you, who is still holding the door open for you. Um, do you mind if I ask you a question. You quickly think fast while she seems like shes on the verge of saying something offensive. You know you have no right to ask a question to the woman, so you wait for a moment and then say, Why is there a small girl holding the door for me. Its not like Im forcing you to talk to me. But its my first time here in this particular building. Yes, but Im sure as you said, the manager is still very strict about letting the rich in. And besides, I dont think you really know what the apartments like.

Post about Famous chinese celebrities

famous chinese celebrities