Sexy celebrities with hideous spouses

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The series of episodes they made of the series has the feelings of a macho show. Just remember, hes the cool dad and the hot mom. Thats all you got left for us. First question for Fischer: Do you have a father. You didnt answer the question there is a little more noise as people gather around the stage. You cant tell whos happy and whos sad. Perhaps everyone was just sad all along. You go homeYoure never getting those girls back. Youre never going to have your fancy bachelor party. Youre never going to be as popular as you could be. Youre never going to be happy ever again. Youre going to become a big ol paunchy and balding man, living in a small basement and eating shitty food, never reaching your full potential. You decide to move onYou sit on the couch in your living room, the only place in your house where you can find privacy, and you drink more of your shitty-tasting beer. Youve got a terrible job, youve got an abusive wife, and you cant get laid. And, if this beer is any indication, youre going to die alone. Im never going to find anyone, ever again, you say. Finally, you just collapse into your couch and sob your heart out. You go to sleep thinking about your dead future. Your mom, in her rage, reaches for a switchblade. Your father grabs a baseball bat and smashes the switchblade open. There is a burst of blood, blood everywhere, and you can almost hear moms scream.

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sexy celebrities with hideous spouses