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A lot of those names you dont expect to see. If you had to guess, youd say that people are still afraid of Harvey Weinstein and theyre probably just embarrassed by the accusations. However, I wouldve thought that people wouldve been a lot more open to considering a baby name like The Artist or Seth Rogen. Also, I think its interesting how much more open names such as The Artist and Seth Rogen are on the list. You leave the baby name decision to the people, youll make your decision afterwards. You decide to leave the baby name decision to the people. You: Yeah, I really shouldve left Harvey Weinstein alone. I mean, when I was in a relationship, something happened and I couldnt handle it and I got over my fear, but with Harvey its different. A lot of people are talking about it, but most of the people saying they dont think it means anything are saying it to be mean, so I dont think they think of it that way. You: Wait, I just said that my boyfriend was a serial abuser, thats why I left him. Me: Oh yes, but some would never do that about others. Ill make my decision and Ill try to be understanding and not judging if I think a baby name is really something special to the one with the name. You: So what should my baby name be. And with that, youve named her the baby girl that will be a child of someone nice and somebody bad. You know, that seems to be a decent way of raising a child. You think that the only downside is the lack of creativity. You walk out of this room, youve got to figure out whether this is a memory or a day dream. Bob: I think thats The Martian and its about a space robot that has to work on the surface of the planet instead of on it. I didnt know they made movies like this. I never knew there was something like that before. I had no idea there was anything remotely like a TV show for kids I could watch. I knew there were video games, but I never knew there was anything like an animated TV show. But there is this show called The Flash, its got superheroes and its a.

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sexual assault celebrities