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The highest ranked celebrities are listed on a first-come first-serve basis. T know is, are you supposed to rate every movie star. You go to your bedroom and start to rate your collection of movie stars on a scale of 1-10. You are not sure what movie stars you have left to rate. You need to know the answer to this riddle before you can solve it. Elle Macpherson You rate Julia Roberts as 8You decide it is time to get to your lifes mission of rating women. You decide to go back to watching television. You are exhausted from this exercise and you want to go back to sleep. You spend the rest of the day doing all the chores around the house and then you go to sleep early. Re awake all night, despite your tiredness. The following morning, you decide to take a walk around the house. You decide to do a little of all the tasks, since you are tired and have nothing else to do.

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sexiest female celebrities