Serena Williams was raised a Jehovahs Witness and still practices …

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You do not do what you are toldYou cannot participate in something that is not for God. Excuse me, but Im not participating in that. Im sorry, but its my job to support the team. A few of the other team members seem to still be on. Others join you on the bus back to the airport. After the plane ride, you get off at the right airport and a very happy Serena Williams and Michelle Rodriguez hop on the next flight. You get on a train to the airport and get to the hotel. A man in a dark suit and tie comes up to you on the train and asks, How does the new team look. The man with the suit comes in and sits next to you. How long have you been waiting to tell me this. You say, Ive been waiting since I was hired in February. Ive been hiding out in my hotel room. But have you been happy with your time here. You say, Ive found a happy team and a happy purpose and Im happy with that. And you said you were here to play for the USA. I know, but Ive become a great friend with the team and a great leader as well. You talk to your wifeYou say, I just have to leave in five minutes, but I want to talk to my wife for a few minutes before I go. When I get on the plane, I want you to accompany me to the back of the plane, right behind me. So why would you want to talk to me. Im not sure, but I need to talk to you.

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