Serena Williams was raised a Jehovahs Witness and still practices today…

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As a matter of fact, all JWs are Jehovah witnesses and members of the Jehovahs Witness Church, and are called JWs because-they are all conscientious dischargers of any childishness. You claim that you are a JWYou claim you are a JW with a straight face:You: I am a JW. You: I was raised as one of Jehovahs Witnesses and I still practice my religion today. I just had an eventful life filled with hard times and Im a good person. Ive accepted Jesus Christ, and I hope that Ive served him well and gained a lot of knowledge from his teachings. Besides that, Im just some good-hearted Jehovahs Witness from a good family who believes in doing good to others even if that means lying, cheating and stealing to give to those in need. A few days pass and the pair of you spend a little time in a pub. You: Id like to take you back to my place. You spend the day at your house and watch TV while youre there. Later in the evening, you go into the living room to ask a few questions. My parents generation were Jehovahs Witnesses and then during my childhood my sister and her family were born into the Catholic faith. I just accepted that they were all good people. You: Well, youre a good person and you have a good thing going on here, but wouldnt it be nicer if you had a religion that you believed in. You know, like Judaism or some other religion. You: I just meant, do you have any strong religious beliefs that tie you to a particular faith. I mean, if the Messiah did descend from Aaron, wouldnt that make him the ultimate Jewish king and you the ultimate JW. Me: I do have strong, if sometimes irrational, religious beliefs. My beliefs on the supernatural are what most people would consider true beliefs.

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