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Theres no need to be worried about something so silly. You arent worried about whether or not you or your celebrity friends will get cancer, so why should you be worried. You have to get over the fact that you arent worried about such things and continue your life as usual. After another week passes, you notice that your friend has returned to the party, which you were too tired to visit as originally planned. At first you were concerned about not being able to see her, but when you get closer you think she has changed a bit. She looks tired and her skin looks pale, not exactly how you remember her. You turn around and see her holding her hand up and looking at you. The furniture has been rearranged and the decorations are in a whole new style. Suzy, I think I should have more control of my urges, not give them to everyone. S a good thing, now would you. T had any kind of relationship of any kind in that time. Ve been sleeping with my high school boyfriend though.

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