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Le diamo gliustitie e dottorato e cazziene. You were born on the 23rd FebruaryThe date was 23rd February. It had been a sunny morning, so you had decided to go for a walk outside. As you were walking, you remember looking into the distance and seeing a lot of grass, trees and flowers, while the sun was shining brightly. Soon, you have to make yourself known as a man of action and adventure and be a famous actor. The grass, trees and flowers had seemed so peaceful until the sky had darkened dramatically. The grass had turned an ugly shade of grey, and you felt like you just stepped into some sort of gloomy, dead zone. You had been surprised and scared at the same time, and this was the beginning of your life as an adult. After the sun had set, you had walked further and further away from the village, where you had run into a group of bandits. They had not been in a good mood, but when the sun had finally gone down, they had started talking amongst themselves. T run away now you say. T really pay that much attention to it until now. The man and his bandits had made quite the impression on you. The bandit leader had been talking quite disparagingly about you the entire time, and you felt weird around him.

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