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Now its the turn of the celebrities at the royal event of the year. The residents of this town dont get too much of one in this event. Now why the hell would a woman who doesnt even know what the hell a royal wedding is do that for. Your life is going swimmingly, except for the fact that you cant get Prince Harry to marry you. The most you can get is him to meet with you and you never know if thatll be a yes or no. Not to mention his last call went to your sister. But maybe you can work that out before the royal event of the year. T had too much trouble with her since. Well, maybe you could get her to see things your way. T going to be living with them forever and you might as well not piss them off more. Re pondering the advantages of your new situation, your sister shows up at the door. M sure you would make a great addition to the place. M sure your parents would like you to be if you were. S also on the lease and you have no friends that live on the lease.

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