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M thinking for today at least there are going to be a couple more of us than before. Nothing really, just be friendly, not that I need someone like you to give me shit. Mary says rubbing her neck a bit. Like I still have some connection, you know. You were practically roommates for the last two years. Not to mention you were the only one that could talk to Roldan. Mary says with a bit of a pang in her voice. Ve seen you in the park with the kids, you were just as close to them as I was with the kids. Re a good friend despite our differences. M not leaving my family, especially when I can make them happy in other ways. T know, but it is why we need to come up with a plan sooner rather than later. I know I have to convince them, but my father might not listen to every word. M not sure yet, there has to be another way. Oh I have a couple ideas, and you probably believe me to be full of shit by this point. S expression changes to that of someone who thinks she has a pretty good idea but is still not quite confident enough to say it.

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