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You continueThe bright green eyes of celebrities with green eyes are very attractive to many young women. You see many beautiful celebrities with green eyes every day. However, you do not like being pursued by women and you are not interested in young women anymore. There is nothing special about your eyes; they just happen to be pretty. Some women find you attractive, but other women hate your eyes and would like to tear them off, just like animals do. You turn and look at the crowd and hear someone call your name. You continueI was wondering if we could have some food. Amanda says holding your hand and leading you to a table. But we came to help out someone. Amanda says walking over to a table full of sandwiches, chips, and drinks and sitting down. You suddenly realize why Amanda felt you were attractive. I see,How about I turn the color of that ice cream cart. Im sorry we ran out of ice cream last night, You say still not realizing why Amanda said you were attractive. I dont really know what it is you like to drink, but you probably want to get all that delicious food off your stomach,You look around the room and see that everyone has food in hand and are all staring at you. There is no good way to say this, but Amanda turns your green eyes brown. They do not bleed anymore or become swollen and infected, but they are indeed brown. Amanda walks over to you and quickly kisses you on the cheek while she holds your cheeks firmly in her hands. She puts her mouth on yours and puts her lips on yours. She then gives you a quick peck on the lips and then puts her hands on your shoulders and gives you a quick squeeze. Amanda immediately continues to kiss and hug you. It takes a moment before you notice that your cheeks are burning. I am so sorry, but I really needed to give you a peck.

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