Seahawks' DK Metcalf Carted Off Field During Game For Bathroom Break

Seahawks star DK Metcalf avoided a crappy situation on Sunday … being carted off the field during the Lions game to make sure he made it to the toilet in time for an emergency bathroom break!!

Metcalf had to go No. 2 right in the middle of Seattle’s Sunday contest with Detroit … and it apparently came on so strong — he needed a personal escort to the lavatory at Ford Field.

Metcalf hopped on a cart to make the expedited run to the John — and, fortunately for the wideout, the plan seemed to work out OK for him … because he returned a few minutes later in good shape.

Metcalf joked about it all on Twitter following the game … saying, “That clinch walk wouldn’t have made it.” He added a crying emoji.

Despite the awkward scene, Metcalf ended up having a hell of a day … racking up seven catches for 149 yards in a big 48-45 Seahawks win.

Congrats on the dub — but maybe opt for a different pregame meal next week?

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