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S something you always thought was funny. M just trying to make sense of this crazy situation. I mean how does someone get Irish ancestry without ever leaving that little island. You say, which makes her smile. Well I think maybe you could help me out. Yeah, I really do love the way your mouth works. Go to a few of those Celtic Entertainment parties. Hmm, sounds like a really good plan. Ve seen plenty of guys who are trying to look like the stars do just that. T be long now, I have to get back to being productive. As Linda walks past, a few of your co-workers look at each other. Year 22After the party is over, you head home to get some rest. You get into your room and find the TV still on. S a news report on a plane crash in New York. The next day you get up before everyone else and go through your routine of brushing your teeth, putting on make up and doing your hair. When you exit your room, you are surprised to find Linda waiting for you in the living room. Re not exactly acting weird right now.

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