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Its not even time for me to ask anymore. You dont have other important things to do after all. Maybe you can help the kids, by offering them something to do during the day, but maybe you can do something for yourself. Okay, you can help me find a job. S an even less stressful job than my own now. Plus you might get one of those fancy cars you want. Ll help you look at some of my other ideas. Ll help me get a head start on this job. Now you go back to your room where you tell Mary to get some sleep before you go do the job. You say getting up and entering the room. You enter the lounge and the place is eerily quiet. As you search the area, you see none of the normal patrons are in sight. Your natural curiosity is piqued and you go to the table to the left of the front desk. On the table is a small book titled House of Suns. S good to stay alert of your surroundings.

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