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Youre so used to feeling alone and misunderstood and unloved and unwanted and alone and scared that you dont even know how much you really crave connection and community and love and belonging and acceptance and acceptance AND acceptance AND acceptance AND acceptance. Huge cheesy laugh Just the other day at the doctors office. Huge cheesy laugh I was crying as I talked about how I thought I was going to die. And there was this woman with two beautiful girls of her own and they looked so sad, and I didnt know how to make them feel better. And it just occurred to me, I had all my pain in my heart and I wanted to give it to them. I wanted to give them strength and comfort and I wanted to show them how happy I was with them. And I started to cry and she kissed me on the cheek and walked away. And I felt so good, and I couldnt get enough and it was good. They were so much more than babies. I knew they werent mine, but as you can see, they were my babies. They became my babies, but the doctor said they werent my babies anymore. I never wanted them to feel the pain I felt sometimes. I wished I could take their pain away. Even when I was with my husband, I wished I could take his pain away from him so he could live forever. But he could never see me, and I could never see him. Sob He is my only real love in this world. As much as I wish I could take his pain away, I cannot. To give life and love and a beautiful new family with him.

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