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David Campbell A Scientologist is an adherent of the doctrines and beliefs of Scientology. Deceased members 12 You begin to wonder if your uncle was really a member of the Church of Scientology and if he knew you were going to go there one day. That night when you are asleep you dream you are at the center of a big Scientology church with a lot of people watching you. You also see a woman come out of the auditorium who takes your hand. Then you see a man who is shorter than the others come up behind the woman and put his arm around her and she hugs him back giving him a big smile. They both turn around to you and say Its good to meet you David. The next day it is morning and you have arrived at the place you have been told about. It looks almost the same as what you remember seeing when you were in the auditorium. You feel something tugging at one of your strings of emotions and you dont know if it is a good or bad thing, yet you dont really have a choice about it. You know the church uses the word Clearing House to describe itself so you go back to the church and wait in front of a big building that looks very similar to the one you were told about. You feel a tug on your strings of emotions again as you watch a large building with a big M on top. You feel a tug in your emotions again when you see the churchs name, Clearing House. You now feel a tug in your emotions as you see another building, which is shaped exactly like the one in front of you. You feel a tug in your emotions again when you look at the man on top of the building. He is bald and has long reddish hair, which has a small gold cross on it, as well as a large mole on his face. He is wearing what seems to be a suit and tie on his neck and has a big smile on his face. Your emotions continue to tug at you as you continue watching the man. You see another man who is dressed in the same uniform as the man in front of you. He also is bald and has long, red hair. He has his arms folded on his chest and looks like he is smiling from ear to ear. The emotions have now made you feel very sad and you are now feeling a little bit guilty. This feeling of guilt could lead to you feeling suicidal or murder at this point. You notice that the man on top of the building has a huge mole on his face and also has a tattoo on his arm. The emotions are tugging at you hard as you feel a strong urge to get the mans tattoo.

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