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But as far as Im concerned, it cant be that kind of religion. I believe that all humans should have the right to their thoughts and feelings, including those thoughts and feelings on celebrities and Scientology. I dont believe that you can worship something that doesnt exist. So thats why whenever I walk down that street Im thinking about all the celebrities that I know, and how we could all be more open-minded about them. Im going to start by calling all of them one by one, and telling them I want a meeting. Im going to put together a little show for the celebrity people. You ask the celebrities if theyre free on ThursdayI hope youre willing to do this, because youre probably one of the few people at Scientology headquarters and youre about the only one that could make this happen. So I know youve got a lot going on, but if youre willing to come on Thursday night we can get together in one of the rooms in the church and discuss this situation. I can assure you this is not going to be a negotiation. If we both stand together, and show our support, we can make Scientology pay a price for the way it treats its actors and other celebrities. I want you to come alone and without anyone else. Ill be walking up and down the street, and youll go see me first on your way to your house. I guarantee Ill show up in the same uniform, the same way. Ill have my own car and my own driver. And if that makes things better, the church is also going to be pulling together a security detail. Theyre going to show up in support of our effort too. I know you might be apprehensive about this, but I want you to join me because youve got something that only we have: The ability to bring an end to the intolerance of an organization that thinks it can bully people into silence. I cant promise that this will be a fun or easy process, but if youll join us. Id like to make the effort to have a real, honest conversation to the point where we can get to a conclusion that everyone can live with. I will bring all my experiences, my years of experience, my understanding of the church. I want you to come to know me on a real level. And I want you to know that if you are willing to join us, I will also tell my wife and children the truth and the whole truth. I know that this might sound like a lot of pressure to you. But you never had a chance to deal with someone elses feelings like this before.

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