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This makes me extremely suspicious of the book, which is a strange feeling since I like to keep my sanity. If the events in it are true then a lot of things within the book are also true. D say they can be true AND the book makes a lot more sense. I mean the people who were in charge of creating our modern way of life like Thomas Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci obviously had some skills in engineering, technology and science, and some celebrities like Bill Cosby and Michael J. Fox have some professional degrees in certain subjects. T need to possess such degrees to obtain a higher level of expertise and talent. Man and just having a good laugh about shit that happened in the past. Or maybe he is just some sort of an engineer who has no regard for what the world thinks. S willing to say anything if you will buy it. He was probably an engineer who lacked the proper education to gain the skills he needed to succeed and ended up selling a lot of his invention that would have been worthless without an adequate education. If the man is so desperate for money, he might as well say whatever he needed to say so that people would buy the book so he could do that. The man shouts while pointing to his own head. I could make a lot of money selling them. This desperate guy is trying to sell you something for money that would give him money. I knew a guy like this when I was in my early twenties, and I knew it was a bad idea.

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