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You find out the truthYou decide to explore the board. There are several tabs but you get lost. After a few minutes you try the board and find the most recent comments and comments by others. The board is empty except for another tab that has a Read More button. If you click that, you see a list of the most recent comments. You scroll to the bottom of the listYou click on the Latest Comments tab at the end of the list. You see the last three comments from the board. You cant find who said them, but you see that they are all from one person. The man whose name is in the comment, posts the comments that youre looking for. A group of people have been having sex as a form of entertainment and money making for far too long. They use various animal species as the participants and the victims for the act, which then results in them having the money that they make off of it. Theyre fucking pigs and dogs and there is nothing in the animal kingdom in their favor. Theyre also beating dogs and raping them. Theyre also using stolen women for the act as well as killing them. This is something that has never been done before in the animal kingdom so something must be done in order to stop this abuse of animals and humans who have nothing else left other than their blood and souls. If you want to join this, you need to make a pact with me so that I may convince them to stop their heinous acts. Do you think youre up to the task. You have a feeling that you can find out more information while exploring the board on how to achieve this. You agree to the pactYou agree to the pact with The DeviCat. I request a special member to join me, and that the names of both of us be not be published. You cant stop now and the conversation ends. You take your time while youre on your way to complete your task. You find that the list of other links is empty and then you realize that youre not on the list anymore. Everything that youve read up till this point, from reading the comment on the board, youve learned that you can make a pact with any person on the internet.

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