Sad news from the world of soaps; Coronation Street actor Neville Buswell has …

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Winslow1 1 point 25 days ago Well this just keeps getting better. Always a sad situation, but now its tragic. Jamesr 1 point 25 days ago I just hope he got help soon. I dont want to live the rest of my life like a zombie. Winslow1 1 point 25 days ago Thank you. Im glad you found joy in his last moments. I guess if something were to happen to him, hell live forever in our hearts. Oh, if it could only help me and my depression too. Jamesr 2 points 25 days ago Whats a suicidal black man to do. Im more worried about myself than anyone else. I know I probably shouldnt, but I think it might be time to start going back to my guns. Sajastabrah 1 point 25 days ago I think you should have some fun first. Jamesr 0 points 25 days ago Im more worried about YOU. I dont think Im gonna be able to help you. Sajastabrah 1 point 25 days ago Yeah, but you probably should do something about it first. Like buy yourself a gun and go get yourself some help. Jamesr 1 point 25 days ago Im not taking your advice, Im trying to find another way. Sajastabrah 2 points 25 days ago I didnt say that, I just said that you should try to solve your own problem. You said you were depressed at one time. If someone were to just try to help you, youd probably get over it too. Jamesr 0 points 14 days ago I dont think thats what Im doing. I havent been able to enjoy anything in the last 4 days. Its just I dont wanna hurt anyone, I mean I did that to them and Ill do that to anyone. I dont wanna lose anything, Im still a winner. Its just I dont like being around people. They all make me feel stupid. I hate it whenever they try to do something, but they dont know how to do anything themselves. I guess thats my depression talking right. I do wish I could actually enjoy things, but I dont get the pleasure anymore. Sajastabrah 1 point 12 days ago Im sorry to hear that. Im not sure what you were doing, but I really think you should get help. If you dont, I have a lot of family and friends to run away from.

Article about Latest celebrities deaths

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