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However, in the entertainment industry of New York there are no black American music stars. S also only one black movie star. New York is the most influential city in the world, no. Im also from the same neighborhood that Ma Rainey used to live in, so my influence is from that. M also one of the reasons that New York was so successful in entertainment industries. You think you can get the hell out of here already. Ve been doing and go back to your life of crime. T have any new ideas on how to make your life a little bit better. S nothing you can do at this point. Not until you reach out to Mr. Big, the owner of the Big Papi Bar, who you can contact via an intercom. Big is an old man that lives in a basement at the Big Papi Bar. The Big Papi Bar is a music venue that he owns and you can talk to him for information on how to get jobs at music venues in New Jersey. The Big Papi Bar is in the state of New Jersey. When you talk to him, he tells you that he can get you a job and he wants you to come back. Re not quite ready to move to New Jersey just yet. You go to the Big Papi Bar and ask Mr. He helps you find jobs at many music venues, which includes being the first one to offer you a job at a place called the Village Slippers, where you worked for 2 months before you got fired for stealing some money and going straight to the Jersey Shore. You the Village SlippersWhile working at the Village Slippers, you meet a woman named Rachel. T work there anymore, but she helps you out and helps you to find some other jobs such as.

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