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S what got me into acting as a career; I was just doing my best to be the rockstar, I was still a little insecure. So you wanted to be famous so you could be a rockstar. Nah, I think I would have gotten sick of it in a couple years. I mean, I like my life, but I guess I just wanted to get out there and be known as a performer rather than a rock star. D actually practiced a little and gotten into a band, you might have gotten there. T help but gulp a bit when Linda says this. M here to listen, but can I ask how your acting career is going. I imagine you already have a lot of ideas on how to change it. M here to ask where you got that idea for that diner from. Ve been meaning to ask you for a while. M so glad you came along. S response to your statement is one of eagerness and enthusiasm, which causes you to smile. Linda, are you saying we can go to the Drive-In Diner. Re not sure what the situation is at the diner, but it sounds like it could use an upgrade. T been too much to work with lately. There may be something you could do to get a reputation of being a famous musician and performer. You could tell people the story about you and Linda doing.

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