S Club 7s Hannah Spearritt homeless with 2 kids as band arent rich

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Hannah Spearritt, 41, was part of one of the biggest UK pop bands of the 1990s, netting an incredible £50million as a brand. However, the S Club 7 star has now revealed the band members were not paid a good wage individually, in line with the millions earned by the group.

The ITV’s Primeval and former EastEnders actress is currently struggling with homelessness after her landlord suddenly sold their rented home in London at short notice.

Hannah had no choice but to stay in a friend’s office with her two young daughters – Tea, four, and Tora, two – who she shares with fitness instructor Adam Thomas.

The singer sought help from her pal after not wanting to pay “crazy” rental prices in the city upfront.

The family have been in four temporary homes within the last six months, and still haven’t found a permanent place to stay.

Hannah opened up about the tough situation, telling The Sun: “The kids’ beds were there and we had the crayons out. It was stressful.

“Our landlord needed the money and the property sold so fast. We ended up with under two days to leave.

“What screwed us is we didn’t have time to find another place. We had somewhere over Christmas but ran out of time before we could move in.

“It was just a couple of weeks. We filled the unopened café with our belongings — we were so lucky to have that storage space — but had nowhere to go.”

The former pop star continued: “We were allowed to stay in our friend’s office. We just used it as our living room. We could work in there and the kids played.

“It was extra space. The kids’ beds were there and we had the crayons out. The climbing frame was up; it was fun for them.

“It was stressful but you deal with it, don’t you? Especially with the kids. Whatever doesn’t break you, as they say.”

The Never Had a Dream Come True hitmaker reportedly earned a salary of £150,000 a year during her time in S Club 7.

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Despite past earnings, Hannah has been quick to deny that she and her ex-bandmates are “millionaires”.

The singer-turned-actress claimed the S Club 7 stars were “not on a good wage compared to the money being made”.

Outside of her showbiz career, Hannah is opening a cafe this summer, but recently suffered setbacks in her business venture due to being left bedridden with an illness for three months.

She last performed on stage as part of S Club 7 for an arena tour reunion in 2015.

Despite enjoying her time in the band, Hannah has insisted that she would not sign up for more reunion shows to be “paid a pittance”.

The star is considering her options in regards to teaming up with her bandmates again, as it would have to be worth it financially, while being away from her children for a long time while touring is also a worry for the mum-of-two.

However, she is hopeful that her kids will get the chance to see her perform on stage again with the band.

She explained: “It’s an opportunity to do things right this time.”

Meanwhile, Hannah’s ex-boyfriend from the pop group, Paul Cattermole, 45, sold his BRIT Award on eBay in 2018 after struggling financially.

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