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We need to get a big protest going. We still have time to collect enough money. Maybe we could get you on TV. I dont want to lose you, you know. Re also feeling a little scared by celebrity after celebrity taking time away from you. S completely unmoved and just looks at you. A lot of people are dying right now, and to be quite honest, a lot of them dying for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you feel that some of your celebrity friends are talking too much about the topic. M talking about some kind of super soldier serum he has been secretly mass producing for the government. S been pushing to have stricter vaccine requirements for everyone under the age of 16 again. Is that why they are forcing me to go on TV. That is why they sent me here to lobby against it. M here to suggest that the government should be focusing its resources on curing the disease. T go through with your secret experiment. T been pushing for mandatory vaccine requirements for anyone under the age of 16. You did hear Bill complain about how everyone seemed to be over the age of 16 in this video and then he goes on to whine about having to go on TV.

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