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Runyon Canyon park and the canyon-cave, s, in runny feet. You continueRunning along the edge of a rocky chasm, you look down into a vast cave below. The rocks are jagged and the ceiling is far above you, but you can make out a faint figure in the darkness that appears to be a person hunched over in what appears to be a dimly lit cave. A quick look to your right reveals another smaller cave that appears to be a small animal pen, or perhaps a small cave used by an assortment of smaller creatures. You take a deep breath and try to push on, but you cannot see through the murkiness of the cave and you are no closer to the figure. You look back up into the darkness and try to see if you can get a better look at it at the same time. You push ahead a short ways but find that it is no easier. The cave continues further down and you cannot see anything that could be moving or breathing and the murkiness of the cave makes any attempt at keeping your footing treacherous and slippery. There is no other light source that you can use and it is too dark to see any way out. The figure in the cave is your only source of light and you cannot see anything more than a human figure could. You get a flashlightYou can hear the faint sounds of small animals and possibly other small cave creatures in the area. You head back into the cave and back along the ledge that you were just on. You find a flashlight, put a red filter over its bulb, and turn on its light for the first time. You look again at the dim cave and see nothing more than the dim figures of creatures writhing in the darkness, but at least you can see them now. You turn on your light slowly and work at getting it turned on and to the side so you can see everything clearly. The cave appears to have no other light source but that of you and no other creature that you can see. You are going to need to use this well and you will need to figure out a way to get away from this cave. The cave continues for several more minutes and you continue to turn on your light and move away from the cave. You have no idea what this creature is or where you are in terms of the general area. You continueThe cave stretches in a wide arc and as you move forward the farther you go, the closer you are to the edge of the cave and the closer it is to the edge of the wilderness and beyond. You hear nothing at all at first and then you hear the sound of some kind of noise and you realize it is the sound of the wind rushing past the edge.

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