RS Recommends: How to Create Personalized Holiday Gifts for Music Fans

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Shopping for any music lovers this year? Head to Etsy (yes, Etsy). Though it often gets a rap for being an artsy, thrift shop-like site, among the website’s handmade items is actually a treasure trove of unique music-themed goodies — all ripe for gifting.

What Are the Best Music Gifts on Etsy?

With gems like personalized music art, wooden headphone stands and gramophone-style speakers, the best music gifts on Etsy offer something for every music nut. Below are some of our favorite gifts on the artisan website, including picks for coworkers, friends, family and significant others.

1. Personalized Song Lyric Poster

Great songs often have that one line that gets repeated long after the song ends. These personalized posters turn that lyric into a stylish piece of decor — complete with credits for the song name and artist — to highlight the song’s line.

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Courtesy Etsy

Buy:Personalized Song Lyric Posterat$14.90

2. Guitar Lamp

This cool guitar lamp is part music decor, part useful lighting. With a wood base and a translucent plastic frame, it blends in nicely on any shelf or desk. The lamp is also very energy efficient, only requiring a USB plug-in for power (either through your laptop or smartphone charger block).

Courtesy Etsy

Buy:Guitar Lampat$10.79

3. Beatles Abbey Road Vinyl Record Coasters

Coasters are always a good idea for gifting because you just can’t have too many. For any Beatlemaniacs on your shopping list, pick up this set of Abbey Road coasters. They look like mini vinyl records — complete with an LP Album Cover for storage and Beatles album art on each coaster.

Courtesy Etsy

Buy:Beatles Abbey Road Vinyl Record Coastersat$9

4. Custom Spotify Code Sweatshirts

These custom sweatshirts let you (somewhat secretly) rep your feature song with a scannable Spotify code. Using their Spotify app, anyone can scan the code to find and discover the associated song. The Etsy artist also offers a wide range of colors for both the background and code.

Courtesy Etsy

Buy:Custom Spotify Code Sweatshirtsat$22.50

5. Wood Headphone Stand

In our opinion, the perfect gift is something that your recipient will use all the time but wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. This headphone stand is one such gift, elegantly decluttering a desk or music production space by providing a spot for your cans. When ordering the handmade stand, you can choose either oak or walnut for the base and even add a personalized message if you wish.

Courtesy Etsy

Buy:Wood Headphone Standat$59

6. Custom Song Sound Wave Art

At first glance, these wave prints just look like interesting modern art. But they’re actually custom sound waves, visualizing the audio frequency of a song of your choice (the song name is discreetly printed in one corner). Aside from the song, you get to choose the artwork’s size, wave color palette and frame (they also offer unframed options).

Courtesy Etsy

Buy:Custom Song Sound Wave Artat$39

7. Personalized Music Page Holder

For any musician who loves printed sheet music, give them one of these personalized, handmade page holders. Great for pianists, the small metal page-keeper can be engraved with whatever name or message you want.

Courtesy Etsy

Buy:Personalized Music Page Holderat$29.99

8. Recycled Electric Guitar String Bracelet

This stylish metal bracelet has a secret: it’s made of electric guitar strings and bronze copper wire. The artist only sources strings from their hometown in Manchester and offers bracelets with either three or six strings for different widths. They also provide four sizes and will exchange the bracelet if the size turns out to be wrong.

Courtesy Etsy

Buy:Recycled Electric Guitar String Braceletat$21.55

9. Personalized Gold Music Plaque

No need to wait for the RIAA to award your loved one a plaque; just have one made through this Etsy artist, Dito, who creates custom gold record plaques to honor someone special. Some buyers have made plaques to celebrate a friend’s streaming numbers, give thanks to their boss, and commemorate someone’s first LP.

Courtesy Etsy

Buy:Personalized Gold Music Plaqueat$62

10. Music Paper Ornament

Need to spice up your holiday decor? Check out this handmade music paper ornament. The pinecone-shaped ornament is made of sheet music and bakers twine, lending some melody to your Christmas tree or holiday decorations.

Courtesy Etsy

Buy:Music Paper Ornamentat$15.95

11. Personalized Acrylic Glass Music Plaque

Another personalized option ideal for anyone who knows their giftee’s favorite song is this custom glass music plaque. The sculpture essentially renders what you see while playing a certain song on Spotify, complete with the album cover art, song name, artist and interface buttons. The Etsy artist who makes these also offers plenty of sizing and color choices, including different color texts, translucent or black backgrounds and an optional stand.

Courtesy Etsy

Buy:Personalized Acrylic Glass Music Plaqueat$17.49

12. Gramophone Music Speaker

By itself, this gramophone looks like something straight out of the early twentieth century. But it’s actually an analog loudspeaker for your smartphone, amplifying the music from your phone’s speakers through the brass gramophone. Place your phone in the slot on the walnut wood base, and sound waves travel up through the brass speaker for a unique, whimsical sound.

Courtesy Etsy

Buy:Gramophone Music Speakerat$249

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