Royal historian: It makes no sense for the Cambridges to move to Windsor

About a month ago, royal elves went to the Mail on Sunday with a curious series of plans. Prince Charles will apparently make several adjustments to the living situations of various royals in the coming months and years. When the Queen passes away, Charles’ plan is to basically have a small apartment in Buckingham Palace, and spread out his offices between BP, St. James’ Palace and Clarence House. In addition to that, he’ll keep Highgrove as his country abode, but he’ll merely “rent” it from the Duchy of Cornwall. Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate are apparently very keen on having a permanent family home in the Windsor Castle complex. When the Queen passes, it’s likely the Cambridges will call Windsor Castle their permanent home, but in the meantime, there’s some energy towards giving them one of the larger homes in the complex. There’s some talk of making Andrew pack his bags and giving Royal Lodge to the Cambridges. But what about Fort Belvedere, a large Gothic castle/fort which is currently rented out to a private family? Well…

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge currently split their time between an apartment in Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall, Norfolk. It is in the latter residence where they spent the third lockdown. In recent years, much speculation has surrounded where they might permanently move their family of five. The royal residence that has attracted the most attention is Fort Belvedere in Windsor.

As recently as August, reports suggested William and Kate had their eye on the former Duke of Windsor’s home. Fort Belvedere is steeped in history: a Grade II listed house with a Tower towards the southern end of Windsor Great Park, it is the location in which King Edward VIII signed his abdication papers in 1936. It is currently owned by the Crown Estate and is leased out to the Weston family — close friends of the royals.

While many claim the Cambridges could imminently move into the home, Marlene Koenig, a royal historian, argued that it would make no sense for the family to move far out of central London. She told “You have people saying William and Kate are going to move to Windsor, and I’m like ‘Why?’ They already have a large apartment in Kensington Palace. They’re not going to move to Fort Belvedere — why would they do that? They might have a little place when Charles is King. But there’s no need. The kids go to school in London, why would they pick up sticks and move to Windsor. There’s no need for that.”

[From The Daily Express]

I don’t know who these comments are being directed at, but the genuine vibe these days is that William and Kate want to get the hell out of London. Weirder still, the vibe is that Prince Charles also wants to get them the hell out of London. Like, Charles wants them tucked away somewhere so no one can see how dysfunctional, lazy and useless they are? And the Keens just want to be tucked away where they can be lazy and no one will look too closely. Back in June, we even heard that they were so desperate to leave the city, they were already looking at homes in Berkshire close to Kate’s parents. So… yeah, something is up. Will they move to Fort Belvedere? Eh. That place looks haunted. My guess is that William is still trying to convince his father to kick Andrew out of Royal Lodge.

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