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Youre about to call her, then you do it anyway. You really hope her phone is switched on right now You pick up. OK, I guess I can wait at the office today. I just have to get back to editing and all that other stuff. Your first task, I think, is to go to Starbucks and talk to Ronda about that photo of her from the set of The Catch. Then you need to get her to agree to speak to you at the office. If you can get that done, that should help with the editing on episode 2. And the editing of episode 2 will help with editing episode 3. Now you have to do a little more planning about what youre gonna do after that. Rondas there in her costume though she seems very cool. Shes a nurse, which is a pretty big change from the cheerleader. My name is Ronda and Im here to ask you to please use some extra care when you shoot the next two seasons of The Catch. I know it might be difficult to believe, but Im pregnant. I just found out yesterday, but I wanted to tell you because in my situation its so scary. I just feel like were so far into filming and its already beginning to affect the filming schedule. Ive had some of our cast go to the medical tent due to pregnancy test scares. Its been such a thrill filming these girls and I want to make sure Im giving it my best, but I also dont want to be worrying about this for the next few months. I think it just started, but I know I wont.

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