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But Im really going to take a long hard look at this list of hot celebs and try to thinkdowritedraw the hell out of about 10 of them. I really do not think its a good thing that I have so much to think about. Are you going to take the time to think about about some of the hottest celebs as well. Any of you guys have anything else youre going to start doing. I mean seriously would you even bother. Just stare at these hot celebs all day and youd probably find other things more interesting to do with your time. I mean were all here to have fun so I guess well do that. You still not want to look at the list of hottest celebritiesWell. I mean I think I can at least try to do something with a few of those girls. I guess, but that doesnt mean Im going to do things I wouldnt do alone. Besides, Im still just trying to think of some of the hottest celebs that arent already on this list, that arent on the internet. I mean I dont want to look at something like this. I want to see some of the stars nude right now. But, I suppose I can look at the hottest famous people in the world. You look the list of hottest celebrities, but not at the list of hot celebs. I mean if I do, Im going to miss something important. Maybe a lot of this stuff isnt hot, and in a few cases I dont really think theyre the cutest celebs in the world, but I think there is a lot to like about them somehow. Then again, this is going to be a list of a little more than hot celebs and Im just not going to be able to look at everything. Im not sure I can look at any of those naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence because I like a bit of privacy with my girls right now, but if I could, Im sure Id choose to view that. You continue looking at the list of celebritiesI did. Okay, I saw some people that I wanted to look at on their faces, but that still doesnt make the rest of their body parts, or pictures, hot. I mean there are some stars that are simply, like, not cute. I mean lets face it, some of those boobs in those photos of Lady Gaga are just plain weird, I dont think Ive ever seen anyone that has more than one breast that arent perfectly round or perfectly pendulous. And the thing that pisses me off about some of these pictures. Well there are some pictures on here of girls whose faces I couldnt find anything.

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10 hottest celebrities