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This year, I thought Id do something a little different and join an actual clothing drive. The point is to help those in less fortunate circumstances, so what better way is there to do that than with clothes. I mean its not a new concept and Im sure Im not the first one to do this, but Im just curious as to if theres any kind of controversy with it. The main argument against it that people tend to bring up is how itll only effect the less fortunate, making it pointless. This is an excellent point, but I personally dont think this. After all, why should you buy your pants from some guy on the street when you can go pick up your pants from the same store yourself. 20 when you can give her the same amount from your paycheck. How many times in life do you really give money to help someone in need. Im not talking about donating to a charity either, were talking about giving you money. 20 to someone in need, and with that youd be able to purchase the same kind of clothing that the person in need would be wearing. 100 a pop, you could afford to cover expenses for three months for those in need. You dont need to help the less fortunate if youre not in a position to help them yourselfAt the end of the day, what would be the point. I mean, if its a genuine effort, you could probably do more. You could give people in dire need more money to help them through hardships. You could offer your money to those that would rather have it than to spend it as a present for someone else. You could offer to trade clothing you dont need, but would like to get rid of. I could go on, but I know you want to hear me out, so lets do this. T even want to hear anymore of those horrible words. Ll help, but there will be NO strings attached.

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