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You dont look for a jobI wasnt really looking for a job anyway. Sigh, I was in love with you I know it seems so strange to think these thoughts right now, but really this is all I can come up with. I dont even know why Im going to blame you for it. After I left, you had that feeling Ive never felt before. This feeling was like some sort of love that Ive never felt before in my life. Thats probably what made me stay the way I did. I mean I had to make some sort of a living somehow and if it wasnt for you, I probably wouldnt have been able to. You dont really see why you should lie about being a merchant, you dont even have the coins to afford a room anywhere else. Youre just going to have to use one of the rooms in one of the inns for now. When you get more money, then youll have to move into a house. The town youre currently in is pretty boring, but thats about to change. The next town over is the home of the Guild of Mages. The Guild here is pretty much run like a monarchy. The head of the Guild, the Sorcerer King of course is the ruler, and he basically runs the place, so he has a lot of say in certain events. For instance they have to find somewhere to hold the next grand tournament. Of course this isnt really much of a choice, but its the only thing the Adventurers Guild here is giving them any hope for. The next event is going to need a large tournament sized field with enough space for an arena, so the Adventurers Guild are basically giving their asses to the Sorcerer King. They need to find a place to hold this event so they cant do it anywhere else and the Guild dont have any other feasible options. There are only two other alternatives, either they find some place and they have to run it all themselves and thats going to take at least a couple of months and the second option is to find a place and do it by themselves and thats going to take longer and then theres the problem of who are going to be running things. Itd seem this event is very important to the Sorcerers guild. While it might seem like a no brainer that the Sorcerer King is to blame for all of this, in fact its not. The Sorcerer King has the Adventurers guild in place solely for his own financial gain. The Adventurers have a lot more power here than they do in most places and they see what the Guild is doing and are complaining to the Sorcerer King about it. They think by doing this theyre making a difference, but this is really just.

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richest celebrities in the world