Richard Hammond forgot to switch Top Gear camera on during jaw-dropping moment ‘Idiot’

Richard Hammond discusses future filming of The Grand Tour

Richard Hammond took the opportunity to check in on an “old friend” which The Grand Tour host had admittedly been neglecting over the years. The former Top Gear presenter decided to showcase his beloved Opel Kadett which has been in his possession for the past 13 years.

The 51-year-old revealed that he has shared some fun experiences with the German automobile, as he detailed one particular moment that stood out in his mind.

It came as the presenter filmed a segment for Top Gear while out in Botswana, Africa.

Richard explained that he performed a wild “stunt” but things didn’t exactly go to plan after he forgot to turn on the cameras.

Addressing his love for his Opel Kadett, which he named Oliver, Richard said: “The thing is we’ve shared experiences together while we were filming in Botswana.

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“There was a moment where we had to cross a river and we were pretty confident that it would be too deep for the car.”

He continued to DriveTribe: “Just before we [began filming] the crew that was running all of the cameras inside of the car came over to me and said, ‘Shall we start those cameras?’

“I said, ‘No, boys. I’m a professional. I’ll switch them on myself when the director calls ‘action’.”

The small-screen star ended up swiftly going downstream while inside the vehicle much to the delight of the camera crew but there was a major problem.

“When the director yelled, ‘Action!’ I drove the car into the river. It did indeed float down the river with me in it,” Richard recalled.

“I swam out to the bank and once they pulled the car out, the crew said, ‘Rich, you are so cool. You even remembered to cut the cameras before you got out.’

“No. I didn’t. I hadn’t even started the cameras before the stunt. We had to do it again with a rope.”

He added: “I looked an idiot but Oliver was there with me. It’s bonding.”


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Richard went on to reveal the many trials and tribulations he has faced after renovating his beloved car.

“I lent [the car] to a friend for a wedding and there was an incident,” the former Top Gear presenter mused.

“I shan’t go into details but suffice to say, on the big day, he decided to reverse Oliver with the door open.”

Richard added: “The lawful impediment was that of the tree. So under the surface, there was much that needed to be repaired. He needs fixing.”

Meanwhile, the car enthusiast, who is often joined by his co-hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May, has embarked on a new adventure.

Richard returned to Amazon Prime for his latest series The Great Escapists alongside co-host Tory Belleci.

The survival series follows the pair as they attempt to get themselves off a desert island using only their wits and scrap shipwreck to either build their way out or attract a rescue.

The Great Escapists is available to watch on Amazon Prime now.

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