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Singer Milas sold close to 150 million songs. The list also has to start with my favorite group The Beatles and the reason my group is on the list is that they have the highest combined net worth of any group. Thats a lot of money to the average man on the street. You cant even comprehend what youre seeing. How come there are so many people on the list and so little money. Your heart pounds as your blood starts to pump out of the side of your body. You are just another mortal being on the planet. You would be a wealthy one-in-a-million man, woman or child. You wonder why you would ever want to do this. The only difference between you and the rest of the population is you have a future ahead of you. You try to figure out how you will live so you wont want to live so you will be less likely to be a billionaire. As you continue to go over the numbers in your head, you see the numbers start to add up. With the money you have in the bank right now, you can live comfortably and comfortably comfortably until the day you die. Not even counting the money youre going to be making on your investment, This is the reality of your situation. You arent going to want to be rich nor will you want to be a billionaire. The thing is, you are going to be able to work and do what you want. Your real problems are coming once you get old because your money is not going to last as long. There is a part of you that feels like you should be saving the money to live off of in a more comfortable manner, but you know thats not going to be possible. As your mind continues to go over these choices, there is an epiphany. You have just been doing the same mindless tasks of your life over and over and the result is the same. The only thing that has changed is the amount of money youve amassed and you dont have to worry about this anymore. You are not here to be rich nor are you here to be poor. You stop being a bank teller and start being a real personThere are so many people on the list right now. All you are is a bank teller with a lot of extra time on your hands.

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