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M not going to believe it until I see it. You leave the trailer and find yourself on the main street of the trailer park. T a single trailer park with multiple trailers on it in the neighborhood. T really blame them given how hard it can be to get by on a small amount of cash. S not like the trailer parks even have paved streets any longer either. You get some gas up in the pickup truck and head out on the street where you find a lot of buildings still standing. The place looks like a huge pile of rubble of every sort. Walls are falling in, windows are broken, the place is practically a war zone. S going on, and they tell you that the army is making its way to this place. S probably not such a bad place to start in. After taking a look around, And getting a dose of the chemicals, you take a break and go back to your RV. S nothing left but a few walls and a roof. Ve got much bigger issues that I could care less about. M going to rip your head off and eat it. As the people start to get upset at your attitude, you just laugh. M not some monster coming to eat you all. M going to kill a bunch of people, and eat them.

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