Rest in peace, Barbara Walters links

Rest in peace, Barbara Walters. [Dlisted]
A burger joint’s gay iconography. [OMG Blog]
Review of Welcome to Chippendales. [Pajiba]
Marjorie Taylor Greene’s very secretive divorce settlement. [Towleroad]
The Fug Girls’ favorite red-carpet looks of 2022. [Go Fug Yourself]
Don Lemon missed the NYE countdown live on CNN because he was backing that ass up (and because he couldn’t hear producers). [Seriously OMG]
Gawker’s favorite stories of 2022. [Gawker]
M3GAN’s producers defend the PG-13 rating. [Just Jared]
The fashion critics’ best looks of 2022. [RCFA]
Jenna Ortega’s career is going gangbusters these days. [Egotastic]
People share their creepy or paranormal stories. [Buzzfeed]
I also wish winter muffs would come back into style. [Jezebel]

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