Renre Zellweger Slams Garbage Anti-Aging Creams and Fixes

The ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason’ actress recently hits anti-aging products, saying, ‘You’re saying I’m not valuable any more because I’m 53? Is that what you’re saying?’

AceShowbizRenee Zellweger has blasted “garbage” anti-ageing “creams and fixes.” The 53-year-old actress has encouraged people to “embrace your age” and insisted there is nothing “beautiful” about “living apologetically” by trying to turn back time and conceal the physical signs of getting older.

“All those ads telling us we don’t need to look our real age if we just buy all their creams and their fixes and all that garbage they want to sell us?,” she said. “I’m like, what, you’re saying I’m not valuable any more because I’m 53? Is that what you’re saying? There is a big difference between being your absolute best, most vibrant self and wanting to be what you’re not. To be vibrant and beautiful you must embrace your age, otherwise you are living apologetically and to me that’s not beautiful at all.”

The “Thing About Pam” actress wants society to celebrate people for the age that they are now, not to perpetuate any obsession with “youth.” She continued, “Look, as long as we buy into the whole idea that society is obsessed with youth, then we perpetuate it.”

“OK, so you want to look good? So go get your hair done or your skin fixed or have that day at the spa or whatever it is that makes you feel great. But let who you are and what you contribute and how you represent yourself at that age lead. I have this conversation with my girlfriends all the time.”

“Like, who’s doin’ it? Who’s redefining 50 or 60 without having to say, ‘Hey, look at me with my clothes off and I still look almost as good as I did back then?’ I don’t want to be ‘almost what I was.’ I want to be a thousand times better! We have to shift the paradigm. You really can’t do anything meaningful when you are worrying about whether you still look like you’re in your twenties. You just can’t.”

Renee, who is dating Ant Anstead, “couldn’t wait” to turn 50 because it was a point she could shake off other people’s expectations, and feels she has “earned [her] power and voice” over the years. She told Sunday Times Style magazine, “I couldn’t wait to turn 50! I loved it! It made me realise I have no interest in being 23.”

“Turning 50 felt like a whole new beginning without the nonsense, the point where you can stop listening to all those voices in your head and all those expectations and projections people have of you and become more authentically yourself. Like, good luck all you suckers out there because you’ve got to survive a lot to get to my age, and I’ve earned my power and voice.”

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