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Hire them all and your event will be on track to be a success. Oh just give the check and Ill take care of the rest. I never knew the celebrity thing worked this way. I mean, it is nice of them to hire me, but I mean I really thought theyd want to meet me in person or something. No wait maybe they mean they want to work with me on a photo shoot or something. This feels like a very selfish thing to want to do. I mean there are some people who actually need help, and for people to want to make themselves more famous. Thats just a sad thing to me to want to do. You dont need to spend your own money to get a free ride from me. If you are going to be a bitch about it, at least do it the right way, with a bill. I dont want to be a bitch though, I want to know how to get out of this. You say and give them your card. S a card, you can have it if we have a business conversation. I assumed you were just some fly on the wall. D be closer to you than some fly on the wall. The lawyer leaves you and talks to some of his employees. Ll have sex with him for free then just leave him after they.

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