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After some discussion between you and the other people who will be joining you in Hollywood, the group makes up their minds what to do for the rest of the year; however, you can feel the growing anger starting to build up within everyone, and you can sense that you will not be able to hide your opinions even if you wanted to. However, you are not here to argue or do battle, you have decided that you are here to make a serious threat; you have to think about your words though, so you decide to start your threat by saying that you are going to have to be very careful in the coming year. If they do not comply, you will make sure the authorities are on their trail, you will have to give them the details by letter, but it will be enough to be on the lookout for them. Your letter gets to most of the people in time, but not all. One year goes by and there is no sign of them or any other citizen doing business in Hollywood. There are a few rumours going around about a new religion called Friedkinism, but nobody knows anything about it. And as for the letter you gave them, most people dont even get the letter, they think you are talking about a criminal or something. The time is coming soon for you to leave; you will have to sell what property you still own in Hollywood to pay the rent. You are going to have to leave with no possessions and go to some place of peace. You still have a few ideas in your head about how to get out of things, and you write them down as a note to yourself. THE ENDYou have to get out of this life now; it is the only thing you can think to do. However, you need money to make your plans work. You have tried to find work in New York, but you have hardly found anything that pays enough to support yourself, let alone enough to save enough for years of travelling. You are not a singer, or an actor, or a writer; the only thing you have been offered are jobs at a bar or a restaurant. You cant live like that, so you decide to look for other work. You look for advertising jobs, a bartender, a waitress, a waitressbartender combination, a street musician. However, you dont find anything; the pay there is too low and the hours too long. The next idea that comes to mind is going to a hotel or motel in a small town. You could live in a lodge there, and when you have.

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